What We Do

Street Ministry

Love is our greatest weapon against the powers of evil that are destroying the lives of the men, women and children that are caught in the tragic world of prostitution. If is our vision to go into the streets of San José on a weekly basis to building relationships with these who are most despised in society and no nothing of true Love.
Our team drives around each week from corner to corner serving coffee and cookies to our friends. This small gesture of kindness opens a door of frienship and trust where we can often see into their lives. In most cases, we become a place of safety for them. One young man we have been working with for three years, told Elizabeth recently, “Please do not stop coming to visit us. You are the only people that care and you give us hope.”

Week after week, as relationships are built so is trust. We are able to pray with them, learn about their families and their lives in a very personal way. We believe the street ministry is the foundation of every other thing we do within Face of Justice.



Face of Justice offers young adults the opportunity to come serve with this ministry. We welcome one-month to one-year internships where someone can come be a part of every aspect of what we do. Activities may include weekly street ministry, hosting incoming mission teams, office work, event planning and organizing, chapstick/lipstick distribution, and construction/remodeling projects. More specifically, interns help us execute our Community Leader Training seminars throughout Costa Rica and several other major projects we are doing.

The internship would include lodging, local transportation for ministry activities and most food. Some lodging options would provide access to a kitchen for preparation of your own food. Speaking spanish is definitely a plus to interning with Face of Justice. However, it is not absolutely necessary. The street ministry requires a lot of spanish but it is not impossible without it. We have several strong spanish speakers that can help with translation.

For more information about internships, please contact Steve at steve@faceofjustice.org. We can send you a packet with all the information to help you make a decision.


Mission Teams

We have a passion for hosting short-term teams and with its safe drinking water, lack of disease issues or vaccination requirements, Costa Rica offers many advantages for those looking for a quality, international missions experience. Best of all, it is close to the U.S. and Canada (flights under 4 hours from Texas and under 3 hours from Florida).
Although we do host teams who come to serve solely with Face of Justice Ministries, we also host a considerable variety of church groups who come for a more tradition missions’ experience. Therefore we tailor every trip to the objectives of the team leader and offer a variety of ministry opportunities such as (1) Children’s Ministries & Orphanages, (2) Home Construction for poor families, (3) Door-to-door Prayer and Evangelism through a dynamic bible distribution project, (4) Medical and Dental Missions, (5) Homeless ministries and feeding centers, and (6) Service projects with local churches, among others.
Our trips are affordable averaging only $350pp (excluding airfare) for a full week of ministry activities including rooms, meals and transportation. To view our complete teams web site go to www.costaricamissionadventures.com or email Steve Gilroy at steve@faceofjustice.org