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Welcome to our family!

At Face of Justice, our team is our second family. Our team is composed of people from different countries, ages, and occupations joined by the values of Hope, Freedom, and Love as we are fueled by the grace of God. As we work side by side, the bonds we make with each other are strong and interpersonal, creating the Face of Justice family. 

We love that you want to join us in the fight against Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation! This is a fight that requires many willing, loving, and competent people who will give their all in the name of justice. The battle is urgent, meaning we need everyone. Please look at the ways you can join our efforts so that, together, we can bring justice to a world that is craving freedom. 

Help us by becoming a donor

We need generous people who believe in empowering the fight of justice and restoration. Any gift, no matter the sum, is a blessing as we believe the real power lies within the sum of many small actions towards a common goal. We currently accept single time, monthly, and non-cash donations. It is not an understatement that every gift is effective. We need generous people who are fueled by justice. We need someone like YOU.



Learn more about how you can create an intentional, spiritual, and personal impact on someone’s life. We offer internships, group service trips, and volunteer opportunities for visitors. 


It is our local volunteers who are the powerhouse of our organization. Learn more about how you can be involved as a Costa Rican. You can have a personal impact that will change people’s lives through either volunteering or an internship.


We believe in the power of God’s people, united by faith, acting upon love, to impact the lives of others. Learn more about the opportunities where your church can join us!



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Many people don’t know the reality of Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation in their own communities and the world. We believe change can start with a simple sharing of information.


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We deeply believe in the power of teamwork. Bringing love and justice in the name of Jesus is even more impactful if we partner together. Let’s work together to end Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

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Join us spiritually in prayer!

This is one of the most vital ways you can partner with us in ministry. Seeking justice begins by seeking the God of Justice. Join us as a prayer partner today!