Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world; indeed, it's
the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

You can be a voice for the voiceless

We believe that everyone has a voice that can provide justice and freedom to the voiceless. 

You can join the fight against Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation by becoming a channel of information and education as you represent and fight for victims. Will you speak up? 

Discover more about what you can do here: 

  • Get informed by researching for more information
  • Have a conversation with others about trafficking and how to end it
  • Lobby for the cause or send a letter to a government official
  • Get informed by attending a conference or training
  • Find out where trafficking is happening in your community and how to combat it
  • Volunteer for the day
  • Host a fundraiser or movie night
  • Commit a year to volunteering with an anti-trafficking organization
  • Financially support an organization and other anti-trafficking efforts
  • Start your own club or organization
  • Commit to praying for prevention, intervention, and restoration
  • Be a conscious consumer
  • Help raise awareness among the public about the issue
  • Extend love and hope to all parties involved in the sex industry
  • Join a campaign with just a click
  • Like a page on Facebook or follow an account on Twitter
  • Share about the issue on social media
  • Forward an email or sign a petition to support anti-trafficking efforts
  • Pray
  • Report trafficking tips by calling a hotline
  • Tell someone about the issue
  • Go on a trip to see the issue in a global context
  • Start your own social media campaign to raise awareness
  • Host a large event to raise funds for anti-trafficking efforts
  • Sponsor a victim in rehabilitation
  • Launch a research group or project
  • Spend thirty days in prayer for victims.
Understanding and communicating is fundamental to advocacy.
We recommend these tools.

Becoming an advocate means you need to know relevant information about the problem. Take a look into these webpages to further understand what is happening, what can be done, and what YOU can be doing from wherever you are to fight commercial sexual exploitation.

There are more than 40 million slaves in the world today—men, women and children forced to work and living in fear. Your voice can help bring them freedom.

IJM’s advocacy action hub, The Freedom Commons, helps you gather with others and take action to pass anti-slavery legislation in the U.S. You can be an advocate today—join us in raising your voice for freedom.


There are many ways to bring the subject of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation to the table. These webpages further explain how you can become an advocate and pursue law changes: 

THORN’s How to Advocate

Nothing happens just because we are aware of modern day slavery, but nothing will ever happen until we are.

CEo of International Justice Mission
Spread the news.
Proclaim Freedom for All.

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