Church Teams



Your church can join the fight against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation alongside Face of Justice! We believe in the power of the Church and invite you to serve with us whether spiritually, physically, or virtually. We enthusiastically welcome and invite your church to join us in bringing justice to the world.


“Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.” 

– E.M. Bounds

When despair paralyzes the human heart, prayer enables us to cling to Hope as our anchor. We believe prayer is powerful and our first need in seeking justice. Learn more about how your church can join the fight against Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation through faith and prayer.

If your youth group, church, or community would like to come join our family in the fight for justice against sexual exploitation, we would love to host you at our ministry center!

We have a passion for hosting teams of all ages, all sizes, and from all over the world. In our ministry center, we have housing for teams of up to 22 people. We will make a custom schedule meeting your teams’ individual needs, and we will welcome you into the projects we do on a daily basis!

We offer many short term mercy ministry opportunities such as working with orphans, teen moms and their babies, evangelism opportunities, children’s ministries, work projects, local church events, and a variety of other ministry opportunities. Every team participates in our justice ministries. These include our work in the Red Zone of San Jose where we provide Bible Studies, Job Training, and Feeding programs with at-risk women, and fun activities in our safe house for minor victims. 

The average flight to Costa Rica from North America is just under 4 hours long, making it quickly accesible. With safe drinking water, no vaccinations, and no travel visas, joining us is a great international service trip. The average cost per person per week is $350 (includes transportation, meals, and room). 

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Become an advocate within your church and community!

More than 40 million people around the world live everyday trapped in slavery without a voice. This fact is unknown to many people. You are an advocate – a voice for the voiceless. Help educate and bring information so that, together, we can be the abolitionists who bring justice and freedom to those who are silently crying for our voices.