International Volunteers


When Justice calls, will you answer?

Face of Justice functions as a volunteer mission organization. The founders, originally from Alaska in the United States, first came to Costa Rica seeking the face of God. Once here, they found their calling to fight against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Costa Rica, and started to build what is Face of Justice Ministries.

We are a family of people whose nationalities are mixed, yet interconnected by the common thread of justice and love. With a combination of local and international staff and volunteers, one of the most beautiful parts of Face of Justice is its diverse culture. No matter where you’re from, we welcome you to come join our family, for any amount of time.


If you’re interested in volunteering for a short-term trip, there are a variety of opportunities for you to see the powerful the work of Justice.

Our organization offers a variety of opportunities to include you or your team into the heart of what we do. Some of the opportunities as a short-term volunteer include working with orphans, teen moms and their babies, evangelism, children’s ministries, work projects, local church events, and  other ministry opportunities. We have received over a 100 teams throughout the years, and we’d love to welcome your team as well.

Who says a trip to a tropical destination like Costa Rica couldn’t include serving with a purpose?

Do you have a heart for working with people who have been sexually exploited? Are you seeking a learning and growing opportunity to explore the many facets of Justice at work? 

We offer internships ranging from two weeks, three months, to even a year! In addition to the experience of working for an NGO abroad, this unpaid position is an incredible experience of fighting on the front lines of combating sexual exploitation. 

Check out our FAQ section below to learn more!


Intern Quotes

As people see this light and understand that they are loved and have great worth, the bells of Freedom ring stronger and stronger until their chains fall and they step into the freedom that was paid for them.
Caitlyn Koerner
2017/2018 intern

The heartbeat of justice is always, always human. It’s marked with a zealous kind of love for humans. May this zeal for human freedom continue to move our hearts towards compassionate action.
Elise Kemp
2017/2018 intern
We are the fighters, the warriors, and the vision-bearers for the cause of Christ. Within us is the hope of this dying world. Within us is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Within us is the victory against all darkness. We are filled to pour it out to others.
Laura Hartje
2017 intern


Anyone! Our only requirement is that interns are at least 18 years of age. We have had interns from all over, of all areas of study. Throughout the application process we can all determine if we are a good fit for you! 

Contact Angie Stoltzfus at for application info!

Our interns get to choose which facets of our ministry (prevention, intervention, or restoration) to focus on, but will experience all three! We can personalize your experiences based on your interests and personality. Internships with Face of Justice include relational ministry, organizational and administrative support, government relations, and outreach to many different populations. Some days look like meeting a friend from the streets for coffee. Others might include leading a Bible study in the Red Zone, or working on projects with the girls in our safe house. Sometimes it is doing government research and training on the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. You will live in our ministry center with other interns and teams, a full-time part of our staff and our family!

The cost is $800 per month (includes housing, food, and transportation). You will be encouraged to raise a little more for your personal expenses and to invest in people you meet during the ministry opportunities. 

Your safety is a high priority to us. Although we go into difficult places, we have taken precautions to ensure that when we take interns and volunteers out into the streets, we know we will not be in harm’s way. In the handful of threatening situations we have been in, we always have a backup plan. We have an established, respected presence in the city, and we know the areas of town that we go to very well.

Spanish ability always helps, but it is not necessary! Your heart to serve is very appreciated and needed in our ministry, no matter your language ability. We have a handful of translators, and the majority of our staff speak both Spanish and English. Costa Rica is very tourist friendly, and there are many ways for you to be able to navigate life as a native English speaker.

We spend time in coffee shops, in meetings, on the streets, resting, and exploring Costa Rica! You will spend time in community, and in environments where you can be encouraged and supported. If you come during the summer, it is likely you will be able to join team excursions, and we will plan intern adventures to see the beauty of Costa Rica!

Whenever! We offer internships yearlong for any amount of time.