These are the ministries that we have created in order to PREVENT sex trafficking and sexual exploitation before it happens in the country of Costa Rica through training law enforcement officials and leaders in the country to act on behalf of the victims of these crimes.


Every so often, we feel the Lord lead us to a city in Costa Rica to do a specific Community Leader Training.

We partner with a local prosecuting attorney in order to bring education about trafficking and sexual exploitation in the country or specific city. By educating about the laws and what we can do as a community, we begin to see the issue diminish in that community. We are partnering with government agencies and other NGOs to bring awareness and education throughout the country. This training is effective because it allows the police to see what they can do in the midst of all that is going on, and it gives them an understanding of what trafficking looks like so they can be looking out for it. It is difficult for police to catch a vision to help end trafficking and exploitation until they know what it looks like on the outside. Even though they are constantly in the zones where trafficking is predominant, it is often not until they go through our training that they know what to look for, what the laws are, and how to have the confidence to respond.  Our main objectives for this program are:
  1. To build a bridge of trust between the people and government officials who are fighting to end trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Costa Rica.
  2. To motivate community leaders to report and be a part of the solution.
  3. To educate community leaders on how to identify victims.
  4. To explain the laws related to trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.
  5. To educate about how to utilize the government reporting system currently in place.

Training Workshops

We have partnered with some leaders in forensic investigation in the United States to help the Costa Rican OIJ (investigative police, similar to the FBI in the US) investigate and capture the men and women involved in making Costa Rica such a hot-spot for foreign sex tourism. They are working on incorporating
Internet technology in order to do sting operations with men who arrive to Costa Rica for illegal sexual encounters with minors. These are also one-to three-day trainings specific to the country in which we host, translate, and help facilitate these informative meetings.

Who we've worked with