These are the ministries that we have created in order to RESTORE victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation after they are out of the situations that caused them harm.


Casa Libertad is the safe house of Face of Justice. We provide a safe environment for at-risk female minors 12-17 years of age who have fallen prey to the destruction of sexual exploitation and human
trafficking. One of Costa Rica’s greatest needs has been a place to offer over-night housing for minors who are victims of those crimes. Before the opening of Casa Libertad, these minors were being
placed in temporary housing, which did not meet their specific needs as victims. Casa Libertad opened in October 2016 in order to provide a safe place where their needs can be adequately met. 

Our main objectives for this immediate care center are:

  1. To provide immediate, short-term holistic care for girls aged 13-18 who are rescued, discovered or seeking refuge from dangerous and exploitative environments.
  2. To work in collaboration with government efforts and protocol in meeting the needs of the victims they and Face of Justice encounter among these at-risk populations.
  3. To provide a safe place where these victims can be protected from perpetrators, traffickers and pimps.
  4. To create and maintain a positive mutually beneficial relationship with Poder Judicial, OIJ, PANI, Atención de Victimas, and Ministerio Público.


FOJ is establishing a program to train and appoint a Special Advocate to guide each woman or child who has fallen victim to trafficking through the legal processes they face as they bring their perpetrators to justice. The Special Advocacy Project will train people to serve as a liaisons between the investigators, the courts, the victim, their family and the community. Costa Rica’s current government protocols do not adequately meet the emotional and physical needs of the victim, and advocacy is a concept that needs to be applied to the high-risk population in the legal system. The Special Advocate Project will walk through the legal process of pressing charges, testifying and bringing to trial the perpetrators of women and children subject to trafficking and sexual exploitation.

This program will involve:

  1. Training adult leaders to be Special Advocates.
  2. Adapting the program to current government protocol already in place.
  3. Establishing an in-court system in which Special Advocates are appointed at first point of contact.
  4. Placing Special Advocates in the field as victims are rescued, discovered or come forward to report.