We see the light in darkness

What is justice?

We believe in fighting against injustice to bring freedom and healing to vulnerable populations. We do this through programs that address the need for Prevention, Intervention and Restoration

DOING justice is in our DNA. We seek it out in the eyes of the people we meet on the streets. We pursue it through hugs, birthday parties, medical appointments, school exams and morning quiet times with our girls in the Freedom House. We demand it from the government offices of child welfare, the courts, and human rights agencies. We offer it in the form of a hot breakfast to prostituted women in the Red Zone. We will not stop until the wrongs have been righted in the lives of the vulnerable people we encounter. When justice calls, will you join us?


The Hidden

For every known victim of trafficking, it is estimated that there are 20 more unidentified victims

About 40 million people suffer from modern day slavery around the world

What guides us

We live out Justice by pursuing three universal truths: Hope, Freedom, and Love.

Hope, Freedom, and Love are the driving principles behind our work. These principles are so integral to Face of Justice that we named our 3 refuges in San José with these words. Casa Esperanza (Hope House) is our daytime refuge for prostituted women in the Red Zone of San José. Casa Libertad (Freedom House) is our 24/7 safe home for minor girls who have survived sexual exploitation. Casa Ágape is our bi-monthly street church where we share a meal and relationship with our friends from the streets.


One of Costa Rica’s greatest needs has been to have a place to offer over-night housing for minors who are victims of unspeakable crimes.


We are a refuge of hope, an escape from the danger, and a breath of fresh air for women who live and work in the intense environment of the Red zone


Can a simple cup of coffee change the life of a broken heart?

We think so!

We believe in the power of partnering to end human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation

"He gives justice to the oppressed"

Psalm 146:7

JUSTICE is righting the wrongs in the world. And in the lives of these girls….injustice has prevailed. But we will not stop until these wrongs have been made right in their lives.

Elizabeth Gilroy
Executive Director

Our Partners